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English Programmes 2017

Experiential Learning for Writing

As part of the English Language curriculum, learning journeys are planned for Primary 3 and 4 pupils to gain experience that is aligned to the authentic texts that they read in class. The invaluable experience gained will help them to understand the texts better, enabling them to be more confident in the writing activities.



Primary 3 Rock Climbing Experience

 In line with the story “Cliff Hanger” in Houghton Mifflin Reading, the English Language department organised a rock-climbing activity at Bedok Community Centre in Term 1 to expose our pupils to experiential learning, Pupils climbed a seven-metre wall and bouldering wall. Through this interesting experience, pupils acquired the vocabulary and language related to rock climbing and applied it to their writing task.
























Primary 4 Dialogue in the Dark

To tie in with the story “Helen Keller” in the Houghton Mifflin Reading, the English Language department organised a learning journey to Dialogue in the Dark for our Primary 4 pupils.  Pupils were led in small groups into specially darkened rooms by a blind guide. They used their senses to navigate in normal daily environments. This role reversal built greater awareness and sensitivity towards the visually impairment members of society. By providing this authentic learning experience, our pupils acquired first hand understanding of the daily life of the visually impaired and would reflect on how they can contribute towards a more gracious society. They were able to relate to the story and use their new experiences to carry out a writing activity in class.








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