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Save the Earth Programme

Students participate in activities and competitions, which are organised to promote awareness on environmental issues.

Learning Journeys

Learning journeys provide opportunities for students to learn science beyond the confines of the classroom in a fun and enjoyable way.  They are also planned to stimulate students’ interest and curiosity in the environment and to instil in them a sense of personal responsibility and concern for the environment, and caring for living things.

P3 – Camp @ Singapore Zoological Garden

P4 – Enrichment Experience @ Science Centre

P5 – Learning Journey to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

P6 – Learning Journey to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Learning Science with ICT

The learning of science is enhanced through the use of information technology.  Students use internet and equipment such as data loggers and digital cameras to source and collect information and data, and synthesise reports for Science investigations.

Science Learning Centres

Students explore and experience scientific concepts by participating in activities and quizzes at the various learning centres, such as the Einstein Corner, Eco-pond, Science Garden, Desert Plot, Butterfly Trail, Worms@Work, Stick Insects and Frog Vivaria around the school.

Students at Worms@Work

Hydroponics Cultivation for the P4

The school has set up a Hydroponics Greenhouse, which makes use of solar panels to generate electricity to power the circulation of the nutrient solution. The hydroponics cultivation of vegetables has been incorporated into the P4 curriculum to expose our students to an alternative method of growing plants without soil.  Students observe the growth and development of the plants in the hydroponics system and also note the effects of different amounts of nutrients on the plants. Students are involved hands-on from the beginning with the transplanting of seedlings onto the culture boards right up to the harvesting of the crops.


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