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Safety is for Everyone

Safety is for Everyone

Parents’ Corner

While we educate our students on Sports Safety during Physical Education lessons and during the CCAs, your active involvement to reinforce the safety points with your children will go a long way to ensure that our children are mindful of their own safety.


4 Simple Rules for Sports Safety



Is your child feeling well?

Children have a tendency to ignore the warning signs that their bodies tell them.  They normally do not want to feel left out. So, reinforcing the point that they are to refrain from any form of exercise if they are unwell, will ensure that they do not put unnecessary strain on their bodies and will be able to recover faster to join their friends.

 All individuals, including children need to do separate warm up and stretching exercise so the body is adequately tuned up for the demands of exercise.


Adequate Hydration


Is your child adequately hydrated?

Children need to be reminded that if they participate in physical activities, they must drink up before, during and after the activity to prevent their bodies from overheating. Ensure your child has a bottle of water during any activity, especially during physically education. Passing clear or light-coloured urine is a sign that they are adequately hydrated. Inadequate hydration can result in fainting spells and even heat stroke.


Fair Play & Injury Prevention


Does your child understand why Fair Play is important?

Fair Play is a key part of an injury-free sports environment. By abiding by the rules of the games and adhering to the principles of fair play –respect, integrity and fairness, they can reduce the risk of injuries that can occur from unsporting behaviour.


Environment O


Is your child aware of the safety precautions playing in different environment?

Understanding the environment is an integral part of sports safety. Playing in the open space when there is lightning or when there is lightning alert exposes them to unnecessary danger. Similarly, children need to be aware that if the weather is hot and/or sunny and they are participating in physical activities, they need to be adequately hydrated.




Is your child properly attired?

Children should be reminded that wearing protective sports gear and using the correct sports equipment reduce the risk of injury and harm. They should be alert enough to look out for any equipment which is damaged and alert the teachers or instructors immediately.




For more information on Sports Safety, you can visit the Sport Singapore website @

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