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Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities

Participation in Maha Bodhi School Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) is an integral part of our students’ holistic education experience. We offer our students a range of CCAs to develop them in the moral, academic, physical, social, emotional and aesthetic domains. If you need more information about the various CCAs, you may email the teachers-in-charge.


Sports CCAs

Sports and Games-CCAs not only develop fitness and athletic games skills but also help to instill in our students life skills such as ruggedness, resilience and team spirit. Participation in Sports and Games are not solely for those with a talent in them.


  • Basketball (Instructor-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Ms Christabel Lim /

Teacher-in-charge (PM) : Mr Goh Koon Heng /


  • Badminton (Instructor-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Mr Muhammad Faris/

Teacher-in-charge (PM) : Mrs Whenne Ho /


  • ACTIVA (Teacher-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (PM) : Ms Tay Chuan /


  • Wushu (Instructor–led)

Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Ms Wong Li Sher /

Teacher-in-charge (PM) : Mdm Fauziah /



Uniformed Group CCA

The Uniformed Group focus is on team spirit, adventure, leadership skills and services to the community to create a strong sense of belonging to family, community and nation.


  • Scouts (Teacher-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM only): Mdm Huang Yuyun /


Aesthetics CCA

For the Aesthetics Groups and Clubs, students pursue non-academic interests in a supportive environment enable them to be creative, innovative and enterprising. Starting young in the Aesthetics CCAs allows your child to be exposed to performing at an early age and to develop his/her skills progressively over the years.


  • Chinese Orchestra (Instructor-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM/PM) : Ms Por Pei Yi /


  • Guzheng (Instructor-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM/PM) : Mr David Chan /


  • Concert Band (Instructor-led)

       Teacher-in-charge (AM/PM) : Ms Stephanie Yew /


  • Choir (Instructor-led)

       Teacher-in-charge (AM/PM) : Mdm Ng Mui Ling /


  • Chinese Dance – (Instructor-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Mrs Katheryn Pua /


  • Indian Dance – (Instructor-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Mdm Yeo Hwee Choo /


  • Malay Dance – (Instructor-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Mdm Asrina /


  • Dance Enrichment (P1&P2) – (Instructor-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (PM) : Mrs Peggy Chan /




Information and Communication and Technology Clubs


  •  Robotics Club (Instructor-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM only) : Mdm Yeoh Ai Hoon /


  • Videography Club (Teacher-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM only) : Mr Preston Tan /


Academic Clubs


  • Chinese Enrichment (P1&P2)

Teacher-in-charge (PM) : Ms Song Xiao Ting /


  • Chinese Club (Herb Gardening) (Teacher-led)

       Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Mdm Lai Yean Pean /


  • Chinese Club (Tea Appreciation) (Teacher-led)

Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Mdm Du Huiying /


  • Chinese Club (Chinese Calligraphy)

Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Mdm Hu Shanshan /


  • Chinese Club (Chinese Chess)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM only) : Mdm Lee Teck Lan /


  • Chinese Club (Chinese Opera)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM only) : Mr Goh Junxian /


  • Science Club (Teacher-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM only) : Mr Ian Ang /


  • English Club (Teacher-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM only) : Ms Chong Lee Chen /


Other Clubs


  • Homec Club (Teacher-led)

Teacher-in-charge (AM only) : Mdm Jasveena Kaur /


  • Art Club (Teacher-led)

      Teacher-in-charge (AM) : Mdm Huzailinda /

Teacher-in-charge (PM) : Ms Nina Karmiza /


  • Innovation and Enterprise (Teacher-led)

Teacher-in-charge (AM only) : Ms Alice Ng /


  • Library Club

Teacher-in-charge (AM only) : Mrs Grace Tan /

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