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Learning through an Ethnic Arts Programme (LEAP)

LEAP has been developed by the school with PSE funding since 2006. It is a key distinctive programme of Maha Bodhi School and we pride ourselves to be able to deliver quality learning experiences in visual and performing arts,  develop in our pupils an appreciation for the aesthetics, nurture their capabilities and potential as well as discover talents and providing them the opportunities to pursue their passion through enrichment lessons and CCAs. In the process, we seek to inspire, grow, and nurture confident, creative, and innovative individuals who can perceive and understand the world through different lenses.  They would also be aware and take pride of their own culture and embrace differences in others.

As a SAP school, the inculcation of inter-racial understanding, appreciation of different ethnic cultures and living in harmony in multi-racial Singapore is especially pertinent.  In LEAP, pupils are exposed to the five aspects of art forms, namely: music, dance, drama, 2-D art and 3-D craft, associated with the major ethnic groups in Singapore through a modular approach. Over 6 years, the pupils experience Chinese, Malay and Indian cultural components. For example, in Primary 4, the ethnic theme is Malay culture so pupils learn Batik painting, Malay Music Instruments, Malay dance and Silat. LEAP is used as a platform to promote CCE and SAP ethos so that our predominantly Chinese student body, through the arts, have a heightened awareness of their own culture as well as those of the other races.

LEAP exposes our pupils from P1 to P6 to an enriched aesthetics experience and cultural appreciation while allowing those who exhibit talent and great interest to deepen their learning in the arts. Budding artists and talented pupils in the performing arts participate in interest groups, enrichment lessons or CCAs to sharpen their skills. They are also given opportunities through involvement in public performances, exhibitions and competitions.  The Spectrum, a bi-annual visual art exhibition celebrates pupils’ artworks which fosters their self-confidence and sense of achievement.  It generates arts discussion and pupils learn from one other. The numerous accolades that our pupils have attained in performances, exhibitions and competitions are testament of LEAP’s excellence.

LEAP supports children in arts development, allows them to be inquisitive, to discover and pursue their interests and strengths in the visual arts, music and dance. It also develops their creativity and hones their values through the development of cultural and aesthetics sensitivity as it provides opportunities for children to appreciate the cultural diverstiy of the different ethnic groups and participates in the beauty around them.

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