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Music Programmes 2017

An Insight to Solo Handbells & Handbells Duo




During one of the Music Assembly programmes, students and teachers were treated to the beautiful sounds of the handbells. It was a really engaging session as the history of handbells was shared and we got to hear the handbells being performed to popular and familiar tunes such as “Home”, “Di Tanjong Katong” and “Rasa Sayang”. Some students had the opportunity to play along with the performers on the handbells and it was definitely a memorable one as they learnt how to follow the conductor and play their respective parts well in just a few minutes after they had been taught. While the rest of the audience sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful music, our little performers worked really hard to play their parts at the right time. They definitely deserved an ‘A’ for their effort!



Music Matinee


It is very encouraging to receive an overwhelming response from the participants and it is definitely a joy to see many of them coming forward to challenge themselves to perform in front of their peers during recess. It is never easy standing in front of a huge crowd to perform. For our first round of Music Matinee this year, we have received very positive responses from the performers who had shared that they enjoyed the experience of performing for their friends. What encourages the performers greatly is the strong support given by their classmates and teachers. It is heartening to see many of them bringing their food over to the performing area just to be present to give their friends moral support. Through the performances, we also got to discover many hidden talents in our midst who had put up really amazing performances. Their love for music is simply contagious! We will be back for more recess performances. Stay tune for the next Music Matinee in Term 3!

music matinee 1

music matinee 2















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