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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


Desired Behaviour

Platform for Practice

for Country All Maha Bodhians who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. They will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  • CCAs
  • FTGP
  • Pupil Journal
  • Role-modelling
  • Learning at Home
  • School Website
  • Termly Newsletter
  • National Education
  • Teachable Moments
  • Pastoral Care Structure
  • Outdoor Adventure Camp
  • Stage Model of Intervention
  • Reflective Writing in Journals
  • Academic Content – PETALS
  • Character & Citizenship Programmes
  • Celebrate successes & achievements
  • Leading an Expanded Aesthetics Programme
  • Commemoration Days – Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day, National Day
for School All Maha Bodhians are expected to:

  • show respect for school’s property.
  • use the school facilities and equipment responsibly.
  • keep the school premises clean and litter free.
  • sit at the assigned class desks.
  • do duties conscientiously within the classroom and in the school compound as assigned.
  • dispose litter into litter bins.
  • queue up to buy food/things.
  • clear the canteen tables after their meals.
  • return all used receptacles to the basins.
for Self All Maha Bodhians are expected to:

  •  wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • be smart-looking and neat in their uniform.
  • wear their name tags at all time.
  • change into their school uniforms before/after CCAs.
  • white shoes and socks are to worn above their ankles. There should be no display of commercial logos on socks.
  • keep their hair neat and tidy. Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied up. Fringe of girls’ hair must not touch the eyebrows. Hair for boys must be short and layered. Hair clips and hair bands should be in black or indigo blue. They should be simple in design. Girls are allowed to wear simple ear studs as earrings. PE attire (t-shirt and shorts) should be worn on PE days only.
  • must be clean-shaven and are NOT allowed to keep beards or moustaches.
  • walk briskly and not run along the corridors.
  • keep left when moving along the corridors or when walking down the staircases.
  • Exercise their discretion and play only on the field at recess when the weather permits.
for Others All Maha Bodhians are expected to:

  • greet and bow to Venerables, Principal, Vice-Principal(s), teachers, other staff members and visitors.
  • follow established classroom rules.
  • speak and listen to one another politely and respectfully.
  • move quietly from one place to another at all times.
  • keep quiet immediately when the teacher raises the hand.
  • return all found items to the General Office.
  • stop buying food or drinks and return to the assembly area when the chime sounds.
Resilience All Maha Bodhians are expected to:

  • try something new or difficult.
  • clarify promptly when in doubt.
  • put in effort and care into all tasks.
  • remain calm during a difficult situation.
  • learn from mistakes and take corrective actions.
Integrity All Maha Bodhians are able to:

  • refrain from borrowing money from peers or selling items to peers.
  • take responsibility for their actions and words.
  • Remain within the school compound during curriculum time and while waiting for remedial/supplementary lessons or CCAs.
  • report incidents of bullying, vandalism or dangerous behaviour to the teachers and not to take matters into their own hands.
Compassion All Maha Bodhians are expected to:

  • be caring and forgiving.
  • care about how others feel.
  • put other people’s needs before their own
  • do kind and thoughtful deeds for people in need.
Excellence All Maha Bodhians are expected to:

  • listen and ask questions actively.
  • be punctual for school.
  • submit assignments on time
  • complete assignments as given
  • put in effort and care into all tasks.
  • be diligent and responsible for their own learning
  • attend school and all school functions till the last day of the school term.

School Uniform

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