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P4 Road Safety Community Park

The Primary 4 pupils went on a learning journey to the Road Safety Community Park in Term 2. The main objective of the experience is to educate the pupils on good road safety habits in a simulated traffic environment.

The pupils were tasked to complete a list of checkpoints within the shortest possible time and get the least points deducted by the marshals positioned at the checkpoints in order to get a certificate. They enjoyed themselves tremendously as they went around the Road Safety Park with assigned roles such as cyclists, pedestrians and go-karters.

With the briefing given by the instructor at the Road Safety Park, the pupils were able to apply the skills of self-directed learning to find their way to the different checkpoints within the park. Most of the pupils managed to reach all the checkpoints listed in the calling cards within the stipulated time given. Overall, it was an enjoyable and a meaningful learning journey for the pupils. May they apply what they have learnt from this experience to their everyday lives!

P4 Road Safety

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