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MBS Cook-Off Session 2017

2017 MBS Cook-Off Session

3 groups of parents and 7 groups of MBS staff came together to participate in this year’s MBS Cook-Off Session on the 22 June 2017. The theme for this year is “Egg Frenzy”.

PSG committee has been fulfilling the mission of supporting the school’s efforts in creating a learning and nurturing environment. It is imperative that the PSG committee builds up a strong team spirit and is also able to work closely with the school staff in ensuring the successful implementations of the various school events.

As such, the school and PSG committee organised our cook-off session to render an opportunity for all to get to know one another better in a conducive social setting, and through the teamwork required during the cook-off session, it allowed all to better appreciate the varied working styles of our fellow PSG members and school staff.







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