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Values, Motto & Crest

Values, Motto & Crest

Our Motto

dun pi li xue


敦品 : Steadfast in character.
Learn to cultivate good behaviour with high moral value.
励学 : Thirst for knowledge.
The eagerness to learn and strive for perfection.


Our Values

Respect 尊重
Resilience 坚韧
Integrity 正直
Compassion 慈爱
Excellence 卓越

Our Crest

“Bodhi” means enlightenment. The Lord Buddha taught the world the truth and the way to achieve enlightenment. “Maha” means grand.

The school is named “Maha Bodhi” because it aspires that all pupils of the school are able to take up the character and moral of the Lord Buddha; to emulate his example as they absorb knowledge, wisdom and scientific techniques of the world; to live morally, truthfully and wisely.

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